Gif Generator

Thanksgiving is the new Black Friday. From standing in line to scoring deals it’s a cultural event people love to talk about and share every experience. Target wanted to join the conversation by cheering on and rewarding as many guests who chose the Bullseye on the big night, as possible.
To reach as many guests as possible, we needed to be fast but weren’t ready to sacrifice personalization. Inspired by gifs - the universal social language and something so commonly shared - we built our own Gif Generator. To fill the generator, we created 40 original Black Friday-themed gifs that reflected the “Black Friday” mindset and experience. When someone mentioned Target that evening and into the weekend, we immediately tweeted back a personalized gif response.
Before Target opened its doors on Thanksgiving, we seeded the engagement with five promoted tweets, which led to 265 engagements and 200+ personalized gifs tweeted out to Target shoppers. Guest sentiment was 100% positive.