Target's MLS all-star game rally 

Activation Details: 

With Target beginning their new partnership with Major League Soccer with an official sponsorship of the 2017 MLS All-Star Game, our goal was to announce Target’s presence with a campaign that would generate buzz amongst Chicagoans and MLS fans in town for the game.  Ultimately, the activation needed to remain authentic to the sport but showcase an interactive experience that was uniquely Target.

Taking aim at moving Bullseye targets on an LED wall, guests stepped up to a penalty kick with everything on the line.  With each shot, the iconic Tribune Tower reacted in real-time with hit or miss animations that brought the crowd below to a frenzy, and served notice that Target was taking soccer to new heights (literally).  Located in the heart of Michigan Ave., the rally was attended by over 23,000 people in a single day, while the projection garnered an additional 20,000 impressions based on perfect sightlines down the Chicago River.


Technology utilized: 

The experience utilized large-scale LED panels within the soccer goal, showcasing animated, moving 'Targets' that provided exposure for the brand and served to test participant's accuracy.  Sensors were placed just behind the goal’s netting, to register ‘hits’ or ‘misses’ based on proximity to the moving targets, while aggregating scores across 3 kicks.

The magic came in the form of the game’s integration into 3D projection mapping, as the Tribune Tower reacted to each shot.  A ‘hit’ would channel one of several animations that appeared to shatter the Tower and an accompanying Bullsye, whereas with a miss the building appeared to dodge the ball or send it bouncing backwards towards the foreground.

Sound design was the final touch on the experience, as sound effects channeled the rising noise of a crowd, keeping the moment grounded in the ultimately reality.



Despite no pre-promotion as a result of City of Chicago regulations on this activation space, the event garnered the following results:

  • Over 23,000 people attended the event over the course of the day.
  • Approx. 3000 people were in attendance during the projection hour, with an additional estimated 20,000 impressions based on perfect sightlines down the Chicago River.
  • Over 500 participants took part in the Penalty Kick Shootout experience.
  • Social conversation overall about Target and the MLS All-Star Game drove 6.5K mentions and 159M impressions, with a positive +80 net sentiment