Pokémon Bollards 


Looking for a fun way for our brand to leverage the Pokémon GO craze we had the idea to paint/wrap our red bollard balls to look like Poké balls. So, we got to work, reached out to some partners and released them into the wild – or 425 stores across the country.

PR conducted widespread outreach to tech, gaming and local media the week of August 22. We also posted a story to A Bullseye View (our internal scoop on what’s up inside Target) with images and more context.

Overall, we generated more than 50 news stories that resulted in more than 75 million media impressions. The coverage was a mix between national and local online stories including Buzzfeed, Mashable, CNET and GameSpot.

Mentions: 28,995
Impressions: 96,727,148
Net Sentiment: +87