Target BRand Instagram

Target is the most-followed mass retailer on Instagram, with millions of followers. As we entered this year, we challenged ourselves to bring the Target brand to life on the Instagram platform in a way that inspires brand love with bold, playful content.

We defined a unique position for Target on the platform and a shared mission: “Where products come to play.” Over the year, we posted more than 500 pieces of unique content and engaged followers through both @Target and @TargetStyle accounts.

• Target is the most followed mass retailer on Instagram, with more than 1.8 million followers (3.4 million across @Target and @TargetStyle)
• In 2016 alone, @Target increased its follower count by 57%
• In November 2016, Target was selected as one of only 20 brands to beta test Instagram’s new shopping capability
• Target Creative’s work on the social platform has been featured as best-in-class by Facebook at Cannes, and honored by The Webby Awards, Communication Arts and the American Advertising Awards