Target Too

PULSE Miami is an annual gathering of designers and artists from around the world. As we looked ahead to PULSE in December 2015, we wanted to bring a design concept that inspired our guests to interact and connect with our products. We also wanted them to rediscover our brand in expressive, interactive and unexpected ways.

Solution: Unveiled at Art Basel in Miami, we created “Target Too,” an art gallery-meets-digital playground. This installation took well-designed, everyday items and reimagined them in playful and unexpected ways across nine art exhibits. Complementing every piece was the Target Too iOS app that Target designed to provide exclusive, interactive and shareable content that guests could access to extend the experience. The app utilized Lumicast lighting technology, which tracked each visitor in the space using special lights, sensed and decoded by the app. This “light-enabled beacon” allowed guests to unlock an augmented-reality layer and special digital experiences, including games and social sharing, at each art installation.

• 3,500 pool noodles sculpted into a 15-ft. tall coral reef (Augmented Reality)• A kinetic “mirror” using 968 Troll dolls
• Hundreds of Bose speakers powering an 18-ft. long, programmable boombox
• More than 3,000 EOS lip balm containers creating a pop art-inspired mural
• A LEGO dog and bowl, consisting of 42,000 individual bricks
• A gravity-bending installation using 34 Dyson fans
• A 7-ft. milk carton spilling white products
• A rotating dining room table
• A “contagious grass” patio set, which included grass-covered lawn furniture displayed under a “field” of green light

• 1 1,000 people attended the event, which was 74% of the traffic at PULSE fair
• Visitors spent an average of seven minutes in the space
• Net sentiment was 99% positive
• The experience was shortlisted for Cannes Lions: Design Brand Environment & Experience, Spatial Brand Installation and Experience